Daily Rituals...

This past August I took the plunge and started doing Wanderluxe full-time without any other projects/freelance/side hustles.  And, while working for yourself is super rewarding and challenging, the lack of structure kind of threw me for a loop the first few months of being in it. 

I realized I needed to create a structure for myself with some daily rituals and self care.  I now schedule about 20 minutes in the morning and evening for meditation. This little ritual helps me ground and create the mood for my day and at night it helps me wind down and quiet my brain. I like to burn a little copal incense from Incausa to set the mood and plug in my headphones for a deprivation chamber effect.

Here are some links to my favorite apps/meditation videos:
    Guru Jagat-Magnificence Meditation
    Mindbliss-esoteric meditation app for when you're ready to get weird
    Calm-app with great meditations and adult bedtime stories

Brief Assembly 1.png

Do you have any daily rituals that help you feel grounded? Share them in the comments below.

XO, Erin