Styling your Space with Intention

People often ask how they can style the Wanderluxe Petit wall hangings in their home.  Since each Petit wall hanging is based off of an ancient rune, they all hold powerful meanings. I love the idea of creating an altar with a few pieces that hold intentions and meaning for you. Since I'm currently enrolled in Lacy Phillips Opulence Manifestation course, I thought it would be fun to show you how I would style an abundance altar featuring the Wealth Rune Petit wall hanging.

abundance altar.jpeg

Pictured above is the Wealth Rune Petit wall hanging (still a few pieces left here). I also pulled The Empress card from my Wild Unknown Tarot deck. The Empress symbolizes abundance, creativity and divine female energy (not a bad card to have on your altar). A handful of citrine gems help aid in manifestation and direct personal power + decisiveness.  White sage and a white candle are always great for cleansing a space and getting ready for a meditation or tarot reading.  What are hoping to manifest in 2018? Love? Family? Focus? If you're looking to style an intentional space or altar in your home take a look through some of the other Petit wall hangings here.

XO, Erin