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We can work together from anywhere in the world! This satellite service focuses on one room of your space, roughly 200 sq ft.  Together we will target your specific needs in terms of arrangement, energetics and aesthetics and hone in on a budget. This requires 20-30 minute Facetime call so we can walk through the space together. I’ll then build your custom mood board, floor plan and accompanying shopping list for you to build out the space on your own time and as your budget allows. This process Empowers you to style, organize and build your own space on you own.  After our work together you will have a set of tools for arranging, organizing and managing your own space that you can apply to other areas of your home or workspace.



This is the same as the above basic package but our Facetime call will be 30-45 minutes to include a custom space clearing protocol that you will perform on your space. We will discuss how your space can better serve you energetically and develop a space clearing protocol that will include a recorded meditation and process for clearing your space before you bring in new objects and after you purge.

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